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Open Source is Dominate Market?

       It turns outis said by the users of open source in the forum are a lot of truthwhy is that?once when I was a cloud with a linux based OSnobody ever said, "Tomorrow the OS is not going to lose competitiveness with otheroperating systems",
 probably when I was still hesitantbecause I'm still really not that familiar with linuxbut as changes timeit turns out the words of one of my colleagues on the forums is truewe note terms instead of linuxbut the othersmay indeed many PC users are not familiar with linuxeven today the percentage of users say OS is still very little.

       But you try to watchnowthe OS that rule the gadget world is? sure your answer is ANDROIDand you need to know,Android is also a development of the Linux OSso it is slightly evident that linux can not be dismissedand hopefully, next year, a lot of linux and open source developers who develop creative ideas to make it more familiar to the public again and consumer gadgets and technology enthusiast, especially in the field of computer.

       And nowandroid widely used in the PC tablet gadget example.

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